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School of Mechanical Engineering

Deputy Director

Centre for Energy Technology


The University of Adelaide


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Current and Previous Research Projects

“Enhanced Mixing through Side-jet Injection”, Project funded by an ARC Discovery grant


“Soot Evolution in Turbulent Flames”, this project looks at measuring soot and temperature simultaneously using advanced laser diagnostics techniques


"Development of Retractable Floats for Sea Planes" this project is in collaboration with Tigerfish Aviation and is focussed on the development of the patented retractable floats for sea plane. For footage of the world first successful trial click here.

"MILD Combustion" in this project a study is underway to investigate the reaction zone structure of turbulent flames under MILD conditions. Both open flames and small furnace are being used to measure the influence of temperature and oxygen concentration on the structure of the flame.

"Two Photon CO Laser Induced Fluorescence technique", this technique is being developed to measure the concentration of carbon monoxide in flames. It has a good potential to give accurate measurements and is relatively easy to apply.

"Modelling Simple Jet Flows Using Wilcox-1998 k-Omega Turbulence Model", this project aimed at examining the performance of a newly proposed turbulence model in predicting round jet flows. This project was executed by Mr. Rick Morgans (a PhD student) and supervised by myself and Dr Gus Nathan.

"Turbulent reacting Jet Flows under Flameless Oxidation Regime", in this project the effects of recirculation of hot product back into the oxidant stream on the structure and propagation of turbulent reacting flames are examined. Laser diagnostics and sampling techniques will be used to measure the flame structure. Also advance turbulence and combustion models will be used to simulate these flows and compare with the experiments.

"Effect of Fluid Shear Forces on Plant Cell Suspensions", this project is run by the department of chemical engineering under the supervision of Professor Eric Dunlop and Dr David Williams and myself. Ms Darika Sowana is Ph.D. student who is using the CFX computational fluid dynamics package to calculate the shear stresses in a stirred tank and correlate their effect on plant cell growth.

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