Over the years it somehow happened that I became involved in a fair number of LaTeX packages. I’m probably best known for the fontspec, unicode-math, and pstool packages. An interview with me was published in 2007. Not too long after that, I was invited to become a member of the LaTeX3 Project.

My LaTeX work has unfortunately ground to a bit of a halt pending final thesis submission.

LaTeX publications

Unicode mathematics in LaTeX: Advantages and challenges (pdf)
(TUGboat 2010 vol. 31 no. 2)

Peter Wilson's Herries Press packages (pdf)
(TUGboat 2009 vol. 30 no. 2)

LaTeX interview conducted by Dave Walden in 2006.
(Also appears in ‘TeX People: Interviews from the World of TeX’, 2009.)

Productivity with macros and packages
(The PracTeX Journal 2006 no. 3)

An exploration of the Latin Modern fonts
(The PracTeX Journal 2006 no. 1)

Advanced font features with XeTeX: the fontspec package (pdf)
(TUGboat 2005 vol. 26 no. 3)

Square cells: an array cooking lesson
(The PracTeX Journal 2005 no. 2)