Final Year Projects


Cat falling robot lands on its feet — Ross Jobson, Natalie Redmond, Benjamin Shields, Rian Visser

Developing the sport of Para-Olympic canoe/kayaking with the AIS — Benjamin Day, Jack King, Amy Lewis, Timothy Symonds

Biomechanics of sport climbing — Elsa Burnell, Nicholas Reed, Thomas Sheridan

Biomechanical evaluation of a novel suture anchor design for rotator cuff tendon repair — Hui Zhou

Mechanism to apply pure moments and controlled axial load to a lumbar spine — Scott Caddick

Golf Swing Weight Transfer Analyser #2 — Yifu Chen


Mechanical properties of bones under growth restriction — Ryan Quarrington

Development and validation of digital image correlation technique for strain measurement on the pars interarticularis — Bart Scicchitano

Hybrid Kinetic Motion Analysis of Fast Bowling in Cricket — Samuel Arnold, Simon Thwaites

Golf Swing Weight Transfer Analyser — Justin De Blasio, Tze Shaun Lee, James Scott Olavesen

Analysis and force modelling of permanent magnets — Callan Byfield, Daniel Fordred

Canoe/Kayak devices for training and measurement — Kimberley Andersen, Luke Demetriou, Craig Rowbottom

Commissioning of a Moog hydraulic hexapod — Philipp Allgeuer, Thomas Rowntree


Levitating magnet vibration isolation device — Yann Frizenschaf, Siobhan Giles, Jack Miller, Thomas Pitman, Christopher Stapleton

Design and build of a prosthetic attachment — Sarah Bruno, Allan Liu, Yi Lu, Hoang Vu